Love is..

Peach Girl

I’ve just finish watching Peach Girl thanks to Faith who was so kind to burn the rest of the series for me. You rawks girl. Anyway, I won’t be doing any review for this series since I already done so in the past. What can I say? This series is pretty much predictable, however it was very enjoyable. I was happy to see that fella finally manage to be with his true love.


At first I thought that this series is going to be like 50+ episod since there seem to be no end to their love triangle thingie but I was wrong, the production company manage to sum it all up in 25 episod with a pretty good ending unlike that certain anime *cough*School Rumble*cough*. Highly recomended for any romance/drama anime fan out there.

Anyway, I would like to wish you all a happy Merdeka Day and I am so proud to be a Malaysian (even tho I wish I live in Japan.. lol…joking.) I was going to write something about love at first after watching Peach Girl, but I save that as a draft first since I have to idea where to start.

Well then, going off to work. See ya around~


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