Suspended, Jalur Gemilang Band and …


Last night, my site got suspended for breaking their TOS and aku terus YM my hosting provider and ask him what i did. Memula aku ingat maybe sebab aku or my hostess ‘ter’upload illegal file kat FTP but he said I might be using a script that cause the server to overload. Ni log YM aku with my hosting provider.

Epan: josh u there
Epan: ?
Josh: ya
Epan: why my account suspend?
Josh: really?
Josh: wait
Josh: let me see

Epan: k
Josh: i didnt suspend
Epan: u try and see
Josh: yup
Josh: i saw

Epan: erm.. any idea why?
Josh: oh…
Josh: u hv to check ur script…

Josh: Bad Scripting Overloading CPU & Memory
Epan: aik.. can trace where the script came from?
Josh: ok
Josh: i will trace


Josh: erfans 20.83 20.98 0.0
Top Process %CPU 38.0 httpd [] [/MerdekaBand/style.css]
Top Process %CPU 29.0 httpd [ [/download/SROP.rar]
Top Process %CPU 19.3 httpd [] [/MerdekaBand/band.gif] erfans 25.92 6.06 0.0
Top Process %CPU 31.5 httpd [] [/MerdekaBand/mphtranslinkimg.gif]
Top Process %CPU 29.0 httpd [] [/MerdekaBand/merdekaband.js]
Top Process %CPU 23.3 httpd [] [/] erfans 23.80 4.45 0.0
Top Process %CPU 34.3 httpd [ [/smilies/yahoo_sunglas.gif]
Top Process %CPU 33.3 httpd [ [/wp-content/gravatars/random/ff027.jpg]

The culprit was my merdekaband that I created for Merdeka Day last month. Aku sendiri tak tau kenape script tu bole makan sampai 30% CPU usage so I go and check my http log, i was surprise to see that so many request was made for that script serentak which mean there’s quite alot of people is using that band.

Kalau bole aku taknak buang script tu since ramai yang pakai, but Josh said thats the only way for me to unsuspend my account. So no more merdekaband for now until I find a suitable place to host it. I’m sorry for that~

Anyway, sorry since I don’t really have time to do my daily blog visits. Been busy with work lately but I’m still alive somehow :P.