Things that annoy me when visiting a certain website

  • Background music set to autoplay
    • Having a background music is good and bad, I’m sorry if anyone feel offended but maybe you should know this. Most people already have winamp/foobar or whatever player they are using listening to their fav song and suddenly there’s this strange sound coming from your browser. Since I use firefox, I have like 10 to 15 tabs opened and I was like “WTF site mane yang kuar sound ni”. So I have to close my browser and start a new session. That sucks.
  • Colorful background images
    • If you are going to use a background images, make sure it has enough contrast between the text so I can actually read it instead having to highlight and read. Most people are lazy and when they can’t even read your text, they simply close the tab/window and head on to another site.

  • It doesn’t work in Firefox..gosh!
    • Is that my problem? Or yours? Remember that visitor have their own choice of using whatever browser they like. I really hate to see something like this “Best viewed in IE” since I don’t really use IE that much. If your site can’t be viewed in other browser, FIX it.
  • Javascript popup “welcome to my site bla bla bla”
    • This is the worst, have you ever visit a site and suddenly you get a small popup with text that read “welcome to [put sitename here]’ enjoy your stay blablalba” and when you leave another popup coming saying “thanks or whaterever it is”. What was that for?
  • NoRightClick
    • No right click eh? How about View>Page Source or even better CTRL+U? I don’t know the original reason this script was invented, but I believe it was to stop people from stealing your code right? I don’t know, you tell me.
  • Animated gif
    • Just don’t use it unless for a button
  • Splash screen/Intro page
    • What’s the point of having a splash screen? It doesn’t really bother me though, just that my tutor once said “if your splash screen doesn’t provide any info about your site, don’t use it”

This is just a small list, I don’t really want to put this up but it’s been playing around in my mind for a couple of days. If you think my point is wrong, go ahead and tell me why. I love to hear your response and sorry if I make any of you feel bad 🙂


  1. kui.. aku terlibat dalam salah satu senarai tersebut..

    tapi :-” ..

    sekadar nak letak msg kat splash page tu.. :d/

    sebagai peringatan.. o:-)

  2. ejon said:

    hohoh.. byk blog begitu spt disenaraikan.. haha
    tp aku tak terlibat dalam list2 tersebut

    tade la banyak sangat. ade la sikit2 😀

    ikoko said:

    kui.. aku terlibat dalam salah satu senarai tersebut..

    tapi :-” ..

    sekadar nak letak msg kat splash page tu.. :d/

    sebagai peringatan.. o:-)

    Ikoko, kalau spalsh page tu tade ape2 info takya letak pun takpe. kalau ade takpe la. honestly aku tak kisah sangat psal tu. cume tutor aku yang cakap dulu je, so aku tulis je la skali 😀

    p/s – aku terjaga dari tido pasal blackout. Lepas ok terus bukak site dalam 1/2 sedar (:|

  3. senpai juga turut terlibat dalam salah satu senarai tersebut..

    No right click.

    kite tau pasal org lain still boleh view source tuh. tp just as a precaution. harap2 mrk2 yg ada niat utk mencurik artwork/gambar kite kat blog kite tuh.. ialah org2 kureng pandai IT. 😀

    tayah view source pon boleh. Print screen. edit2 sket. pestu dpt la curik gambar.. huhuhu.

  4. Hisyam said:

    ….winterwish curi idea aku. plan nak tulis benda yang sama long time ago but was too lazy haha.

    Background music set to autoplay

    doh, dia cut aku punya comment, anyway continue — kalau aku surf any website yg ada bgm terus tutup malas nak baca their content
    and masuk in my shit list.

  5. How come die bole cut your comment? lol

    Anway, I can read your mind.. hohoho :-h , ko tulis je entry pasal tu, nanti aku trackback.. ahahah.

    Aah, aku pun kalau sampai tahap bole freeze firefox memang masuk shitlist terus.

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