Naruto: Narutimate Hero 3

Naruto : Narutimate Hero 3

Read the guide HERE and HERE

Using a save game file to unlock all character
Download the saved game file over HERE then read this guide to copy the data into ur Memory Card

Have you played this game yet? It was released last month (Japanese Version) and I think this is the best fighting game I ever played. Ade around 40 playable chara including all the Hokage (the 4th kickass), 5 orochimaru’s minion (including that boney fella), Naruto with Kyuubi, Sasuke with his cursed seal, and even Konohamaru (3rd Hokage’s son). Some of the chara can transform into their ultimate lvl 2 form including Naruto (duh), Sasuke, Gaara, Chouji (wow!), and Lee (drunken master style).

There won’t be any English version so I suggest you find yourself a guide or walkthrough to help with the RPG mode if you have trouble understanding Japanese. If you are lazy (like me), find a saved game, burn it and transfer the saved game file to ur memory stick. Load the game with it and voila, you got all 42 chara unlocked 😀

I haven’t tried all the chara yet, but Konohamaru was funny as hell.. you gotta try his jutsu. I couldn’t stop laughing everytime he does a jutsu along with his other 2 friend (whatever their name was).

I think Yondaime (4th Hokage/Yellow Flash*) is the most impressive one…and I was supprised that they don’t have a voice actor for him…I wonder why..Maybe since they never showed him talking in the anime before.

*If you played him, you’ll know how fast his movement thus he got himself a nice nickname around the web 😀

Some chara screenies before I end this entry. (I’m sorry dial-up user)

VS Mode

Want more?


  1. waaa….best tu gem naruto…tapi jepon…tak tau nak main camne nanti…waaaa :(( dari dulu cari gem naruto…. :((

  2. lorr…jepon lagi yg tak gemar tu…aku main yg narutiment 1 tuh pon terkial2…main taram jerk….kat ne ko dpt savegame tu? kasi kat aku…lagi baik kalu ko bagi pinjam dvd tu kat aku sat, aku nak copy…:d

  3. gie said:

    waaa….best tu gem naruto…tapi jepon…tak tau nak main camne nanti…waaaa :(( dari dulu cari gem naruto…. :((

    ah.. jepun pun interface die senang jek nak paham.. gamba kunai x 2 tu mesti la VS mode 😛

    azmie said:

    lorr…jepon lagi yg tak gemar tu…aku main yg narutiment 1 tuh pon terkial2…main taram jerk….kat ne ko dpt savegame tu? kasi kat aku…lagi baik kalu ko bagi pinjam dvd tu kat aku sat, aku nak copy…:d

    pasal jepun ah download save game die semate2 nak unlock sume chara.. mai la umah aku amek gem ni :D, aku kasi skali cd savegame tu. ade tutorial cammane nak boot ke ps2..kang aku jumpe aku kasi.

  4. Aku dah addict main game naruto nih… 😀 thanx to hepan and haikol yang merelakan gamepad mereka disentap oleh ku…weee~

    skang nih try soul calibur plak…VOLDO RAWKSSS!!!!! :)>-

  5. haha da lama nampak dis game but after i read this post i gi beli ^_^. best ultimate… bester than soul calibur 😛 naruto roxx0rz.

  6. azmie said:

    wohoho…rumah ko kat putrajaya kan? aku pegi pn dulu sekali ajer…:”>

    yep2.. sound la kalau nak datang 😛

    (wahh bodonye comment reply nih… takleh nak click dah)

    @abah, VOLDO = sotong, unpredictable movement.. cam sial je nak blasah. Kene praktis lagi main SC ni.

    @a.k, erm… haii?

    @lisa, yes yes bester than Soul Calibur 😀

  7. wow, banyak gile karakuta-
    kalau game lawan ke racing ke nak paham pun buat per, pakai tekan tekan je, lain la kalau rpg.. 😀

  8. @flowerbungkus, aku rase 100% derang takkan kuarkan version PC…

    @Syam, yea that’s the problem.. game ni kalau main story mode (fight ngan computer) tak bole unlock sume chara, ade lagi 8 chara tak diunlock. Nak unlock tu kene main RPG mode.. so memang kene paham gak kalo tak haram tatau nak kene buat mission ape nanti 😀

    Aku main story mode tu sampai abis part Sasuke VS Naruto, tapi die tak unlock 1st, 2nd, 4th hokage and beberape chara lain. So pakai saved game file and copy ke memory stick utk unlock chara selebihnye termasuk jutsu2 best.

  9. haha ada masalah reply ker? aritu aku pn camtu gak, ntah kali ni dah ok ler plak, try clear sumer cache & history yg ader…

    erm, nak g umah ko tu yg payah tu, kalu ader org yg tau leh temankan skali ker…:”>

  10. winterwish said,
    So pakai saved game file and copy ke memory stick utk unlock chara selebihnye termasuk jutsu2 best.

    >_> pakai saved game jugak.

  11. @Azmie, ahhh.. apesal eh, takleh click reply tu. sengal dah ni bile combine ngan ajaxed comment. Lepas exam kang kite g la memane jumpe.. hohoho

    @lisa, huhuhu… malas nak main sume, pakai saved game jek 😀

  12. Huhu… azmi sensei! Plz ar show me d jutsu how 2 unlock all d 42 charac dlm naruto tuh.. X larat dah nk main hentam cromok je dlm RPG mode 2. Dah nak macam maggi bentuk jariku ini. Lagpon kita sesama saudara ni mmg patut saling bantu membantu, ye x?

  13. Takpe2, cuz im already learn d jutsu dis morning! Neways, Thx na..
    Kan best kalu hanabi dreplacekn ngan charac lain cam.. bpk dia ker? Tak pon mak bapak shinobi yang lain haha.. Wateva it is, Naruto is absolutely, without any doubt.. WrOCks!!

    Enjoy guyz! b-)

  14. amirul said:

    macam mana nak dapat gem naruto yg baru ni?tolong bagi tahulah.dengar macam best je?

    cari je kat Mines or kedai jual cd ps2 berdekatan.. make sure ko beli narutimett hero : 3 tau.. bukan 2.

    slack dah tau eh cane nak unlock? bagus2.. huhu. aah.. hanabi tah ape2 je jutsu die. btw, sakura rawks 😀

  15. can someone help me get the right answer at konohamaru & ibisu questions i cant seems to understand the format of there questions. hope to hear from you guys here thanks and more power!!! naruto’s 1#

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  17. dude, what’s with the comment.. it got nothing to do with the naruto game 😐

    anyway, yea, some people just doesn’t seem to care much about that. They hope someone else will get up and offer a seat to the lady and everyone else is thinking the same. Sigh..

    @azmie, huhu.. ko donload je teros mie 😀

  18. yeke.. adeh, maybe line ko problem kot. ko check cable tepon tu, ari tu aku pun cam ko gak, asyik putus je, pastu slow cam haram.. rupenye cable dah kong, tuka cable baru terus ok balik.

  19. does anyone know how to play the RPG part of the game….i am stuck after a few fights the first one was Kiba, then the last one was kakashi, and he took all my crystal…does anyone know a site to guide us through the game…cause i don’t read japanese

  20. the link on gamefaqs doesnt help… it somewhat mislead it after the mission 2 on class D. i went to the training logs but instead of meeting lee/gai (stated on the gamefaqs), i met kakashi and sasuke. from that period, im already clueless.

    im in the situation the same with bdballer69.
    here i am now:
    after beating kakashi(using sasuke) > beating kakashi..again(using naruto) > then a short movie showing sunade proclaiming something on konoha > talked to kiba and fought him > NOW, IM CLUELESS NOW WHERE I WILL GO… AND WHAT TO DO

    any help will do.

  21. [Comment ID #1861 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I’m really sorry, I couldn’t help you on that. I didn’ t even played the RPG mode since I have no idea where to go and what to do.

    Anyway, I did manage to unlock all the chara on VS mode by using a saved game I downloaded from and copying it to my memory card. If you are interested on that, maybe I could help. Drop me an email for more info.

  22. My cuz juz suggest to buy all the stuffs bcuz its nothing to loose ryt? its juz money, and money is so easy to get in the village and playing mini games. So i tried his suggestion and boom great! Im in the flow and everytime i get stuck in a situation, juz change my location and if nothing still happends i juz check all the people in the village and check all the people inside the houses and that it! i’ve unlock all the chars, weeeeeeeeeeee! “juz go wit the flow” Gudluck to all!

  23. Ok i need help on the RPG part of the game. Like everyone else fought Kakashi with Naruto and Sasuke and of course beat him and blah blah… Thats wierd i dont remember fighting Kiba anyways after i finish talking to Chouji and Hinata i end up finding jewels the “Red” and the “Blue” ones the “Red” ones you can find scattered through-out the town and the “Blue” ones fighting with Sakura (mosty). I found all the “Reds” (well atleast i think did) im up for the “Blues” i got 109 of them and i dont know how many i need?? Ive bought all the stuff in that place where you need Scrolls and that guy out in the street but not the other store with the Kunai’s and shuriken’s and whatever stuff that in place(do i buy each one of them??)… A site with a Guide will sure help me alot tnx :d

  24. errmm
    wei tlg la aku.memory stick tu maksud awak memory card ke?ataupun thumb drive?maksud awak dgn burn tu camna?gune dvd or cd?

  25. any of you guys have a saved game with all the characters?
    i would appreciate it if you can lend me yours…:d

  26. im a first timer in this game.. somehow i really find it enjoyable… can somebody please help me on how to save the mission……. i really love this game but i cant understand the japanese writings…. thanks!!!:((

  27. how di i save the mission or game??!

    i’ll highly appreciate if someone would tell me to do it…. thanks

    naruto rules!!!

  28. winterwish

    When you quit a certain mission or game it will ask you to save or not.. select the first choice ( はい )

    ——– thanks——

    where will i go to unlock characters??…..or to input cheats??

  29. Lik omg… Same here. I didnt quite understand wat theyre sayin but then, 4 sum strange reason, i understand. I mean im not japenese, Chinese or Korean but i still understand. Well, I waz here to tell you wat do Konohamaru want from naruto in the journey thing.

  30. Plz can someone help me, i dun understand japanese, i played the rpg game and i’m stuck.
    Here my problem: whenever i reached one point tat talk to iruka then bring me to a movie tat the 5th hokage was talking, then after that they say about the water crystal, then where ever i went in trainning ground, bath room, etc. there were no ppl, only konoha got alot of ppl. but no matter where i go only 3 guy will ask for fight, shino, ino and chouji, This keep happening untill i got 99 red cristal and 99 blue crystal, But it doesnt help. the guide tat winter gave did’nt include the rpg guide. so wat i have to do next?

  31. dah main dah ni game….habis semua…tapi masi tak puas hati nih..
    pasal 5 char lagi belum dapat…tak tau kat mana nak dapatkan…
    5 char tu…

    hokage 1
    uzumaki yondaime (hokage 4)
    hyuga hanabi
    surutobi konohamaru

    ni 5 char ni macam nak dapat

  32. Mr. X, ko ade cd burner? kalau ade pakai je guide yang aku ade letak kat comment sebelum ni untuk unlock semua chara termasuk jutsu derang.. anyway congrats since ko sanggup abiskan RPG mode dier untuk unlock 😀

  33. :d wahahahahaha …….playing narutO is just easy…..all of my chars there are lvl 50………………………………………………………….:”>

    just play nice and concentrate~…..:)

  34. Hey! can you help me finish naruto 3? i need some english walktroughs you know.. cause i don’t understand japanese.. hehehehe.. to al of you more power!

    (Putang ina nyo! mga wala kau kwenta!)

  35. help! a red dot appeared in the exam room in the map. whenever i enter, nothing happen. whenever i exit the exam room, the red dot is still there. what shall i do? (howell, nainntindihan kita. hehe. natapos mo n RPG n2ng narotong ito? hehe. tayong 2 lang ngkkaintindihan d2.)

  36. I’m working on the game now and think the RPG is okay. I am collecting the crystals now. However, I am stuck in the story mode. I’m sure there is some insanely simply solution to this, but as I can’t read very much Japanese and my vocabulary sucks I don’t know what the instructions are. I am trying to beat Gaara in his demon form. I’m pretty sure, like the anime, that I have to wake Gaara up. But I can’t seem to hit him with anything other than shuriken. Anyone beat this part yet? HELP? Thanks so much!

  37. its kinda weird. i can unlock all the characters except the 4th hokage and the other character.. Hanabi?..i really dont know.. so guyz do you have any cheats? so that i can unlock them.^_^:d:d

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  39. This is a good game but I already have Aceel I think they are both the same except Aceel has Shippuden people like the teen Naruto

  40. i go the save game file in my memory stick already wat should i do next winterwish help me tell step bye step accuracy!!!!!!!!plz help……..

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  43. on dis game why sasuke got two diffent ougis or specials on youtube for his second special he had curse level 1 and on another video he had that drop

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