YUI – Tokyo PV

YUI - Tokyo PV

I’ve uploaded YUI – Tokyo PV for you guys and even the translation posted by czar1n from my previous entry.

Download PV (60MB)

Download PV – subbed by vinchern (torrent)

English Lyric (romanji lyric)

The day has come for me to leave this room I’ve been used to living in
I’m still bewildered at this new journey

Inside the bus that’s heading toward the station
I emailed my friend

I tried to call on the morning platform
But somehow, I felt that it was different

I came carrying an old guitar
I’ve placed out all of the pictures

I let something go and take something
I wonder if it’s that kind of repetition?

This show of courage continues even in my dreams
If I became cowardly, I would be cut off there

Inside the train that began to go
Just a little bit, I was moved to tears

This town that continues outside the window
I wished that it wouldn’t change

The person who gave me the old guitar
had said that Tokyo is scary

I’ve already stopped searching for an answer
It’s fine being full of mistakes

The red evening glow was cut off at the building
even if I endure the tears

Each journey that comes with the next morning
has its doubtful places, right?

I can’t simply choose the right thing
At least I understand that

credit translation by Fantasiimaker

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    Tutorial utk ape plak? Anyway, kalau tak silap aku, PV ni aku download dari controlle.net kot.. ade lagi 4 pv YUI yang aku jumpe dari site franch, nanti aku upload lagi.

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    Cun pada aku.. lalalala :-“

  2. hepan, mengenai download page tu. agak menarik utk menghindari dari kehilangan bandwith. selaku subdomain anda, bolehkah aku menumpang sama natang tu :)>-

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    tak bole, file yang dishare terletak diluar public_html folder atau dalam erti kate lain agak mustahil untuk hostee aku nak masuk situ selain dari tuan empunya hosting.. harap maaf yek 😀

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    Huh.. siot, punye penat aku cari angle cun2 ko cakap cam porn webcam jepun.. damn yuh >_>

  5. giler tingi imaginasi si niety nieh. aku rasa cam xde rupa porn jepun pun. kan adik hepan kan kan kan. macam si YUI yg suci lagi bersih cam yg adik hepan tu nak la. ehehehe.


  6. en epan…share laa sumer…me tak ble nak menorent..so,susah laa nak cari bende2 camni kalo tak dari direct donlot…waaa…tak sabar tgk nie

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    yea.. nanti aku share lagi. tade mase nak up skrg ni 🙂

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    jatuh chenta ka sama YUI? ahahhaha.. nanti ade mase aku upload.

  8. Please, does anyone here have tokyo’s mp3, i do need that music!!! xD~~ If i’m not asking too much would someone send me it? I’m begging for it… ._.v thanks soo much!!! ^^x

  9. hi..apsal x ley nak download yui pny video tu?? kena download guna megaupload ye?? apsal x ley guna megaupload?? ade video klip yui-tomorrow’s way x?? ada mp3 ost citer HEART x?? tgh cr lagu pecinta wanita-irwansyah tp x jumpa2 pun.. pls reply me at my email..

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