Farewell my dear friend~

Song : Lost Friend
Album : Last Exile OST 2

This entry is dedicated to a close friend of mine, somehow he had to leave MMU and went back to his hometown in Sabah. Orang cakap takdir ditangan tuhan, sometime stuff happen for a reason. Orang cakap setiap pertemuan pasti akan berakhir dengan perpisahan, that is a path each and everyone of us had to take in life. But I believe someday he’ll come back over and stay here, I wish he will. He did say he might come back, but maybe in another years or two.. 🙁

Farewell my friend

Dimalam perpisahan kiterang, hujan turun seperti menangisi pemergian beliau. Sampai banjir jalan kat Putra ni, first time aku rase air longkang naik sampai paras devider jalan, macam lalu dalam sungai plak malam tu.

Sungaii.. sungaii

Kalau ade rezeki I’ll go and visit you over there, wait for me okay..

“Thank you for being a good friend, thank you for everything…”

It’s hard to say goodbye with a smile….


  1. [Comment ID #2139 Will Be Quoted Here]

    dah tu takkan nak letak gamba ko.. adoi la..

    [Comment ID #2140 Will Be Quoted Here]

    someday harap2 bole jumpe balik 🙁

  2. x pe la epan..
    ko sama ako pon sama..
    rase cam tak besh agik dok semenanjung skang ni..
    i’m feel like to killing myself:(:-s:((=((

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