Streamyx limit BitTorrent speed

Fuck Streamyx

Some of you might already know this, but Streamyx is starting to cap your download bandwidth. If you always get below 10 or 20 KB/s even tho there’s pleanty of seeders (eg. Bleach with 15k seeders) there’s a high probability that your download speed is capped by Streamyx or Jaring. This only applies to p2p connection I think, it won’t effect your browsing speed.

At first I don’t really care since I always get above 80KB/s but today my download speed is so freaking slow, while browsing through the AzureusWiki pages hoping to find a solutions I stumble upon this. Scroll down and you’ll see that both Tm Net and Jaring was listed there.

Solution? Simple, I found this link from Bincang.Net forum 😀

p/s – screenshot tu macam familier jer.. lol

The kitten died…again..sigh~

Maho omega~ kawaiii

The black with the white “mask” died just now, I don’t know how am I suppose to say this but it just went missing somewhere. I suspected the cat next door came in through the window and grab one of the helpless kittens.. I wish I was there but it’s too late. Nothing I can do, I failed to guard the kittens again just like last time. But there’s still 2 more kittens and I’ll make sure they live long enough to see the outside world..

Konayuki (1 Litre of Tears PV)

What else? Another PV lar.. lol.. actualy I have no idea what to write now, Tiger already gave birth to 3 cute kittens but I’m not in the mood to talk about that now.

Konayuki - Remioromen

Download (Karaoke version by Vinchern)(63MB)

I will upload another YUI PV later..(eh, I did said that already once…no really this time I WILL upload another PV) 😀

p/s – You won’t be able to resume the download if anything goes wrong (blame the script) just pray that your internet won’t fucked up while downloading from my site. Thanks 🙂 *looking for a better download script*

Sunset Swish – My Pace (Bleach ED)




Hitotsu! Kazoete susumeba ii,
Futatsu! Kazoete yasumeba ii,
Mittsu! Kazoete kangaerya ii
MAI PEESU de susumereba ii

Toki ga nagare torinokosare
Aseru kimochi wo wasureru nakare
Mubou na chousen shosen muda to
Iwarete akirameru koto nakare
OFENSU! Kurushii toki ni
Koso koe wo dashite ikou
OFENSU! Jibun ga
Mezashiteru hou he mukae

Sobietatta ooki na kabe ni
Osoreru koto wa nai
Kotae no nai kono jinsei wo
Mayou koto nashiku Keep My Pace


Manabu koto no hontou no riyuu
Wakarazu ushinau bokura no jiyuu
Okubyou mono to yobarete mo
Ippo yuzureru sore ga yuuki OFENSU! Mawari nado
Ki ni sezu koe wo dashite ikou
OFENSU! Kata no chikara wo nuite
Saa mukaou

Sora ni egaita miraizu ni wa
Ima wa todoka nakute mo
Itsu no hi ni ka ryoute wo nobashi
Tsukami ni ikou Keep My Pace

OFENSU! Dekiru dake
Ooki na koe wo dashite miyou
OFENSU! Jibun ga mezashiteru hou he

Sobie tatta ooki na kabe ni
Osoreru koto wa nai
Kanawa nai to nigete ite mo
Kawari wa inai
Hibiki wataru hajimari no kane
Ima tachi agaru toki
Kotae no nai kono jinsei wo
Mayou koto nashiku Keep My Pace


p/s – I couldn’t get the complete lyric, sorry for that.
Thanks Garry for the complete lyric 🙂

Credits: Odin for the song.