Konayuki (1 Litre of Tears PV)

What else? Another PV lar.. lol.. actualy I have no idea what to write now, Tiger already gave birth to 3 cute kittens but I’m not in the mood to talk about that now.

Konayuki - Remioromen

Download (Karaoke version by Vinchern)(63MB)

I will upload another YUI PV later..(eh, I did said that already once…no really this time I WILL upload another PV) ๐Ÿ˜€

p/s – You won’t be able to resume the download if anything goes wrong (blame the script)..so just pray that your internet won’t fucked up while downloading from my site. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ *looking for a better download script*


  1. aargghh!! lagu sedap ini! musti donlod kpd sesape yg tadak lg tu… sgt disyorkan.. ekeke… :d/

  2. -_-” thanks for the direct download,,,,
    Can you guys, please use english…..
    I feel very wierd when I read your words…(sorry about that)

    If I got time I will make another pv as it is request by everybody…:d

    o yeah, has yui pv (merry go round) released yet??

  3. [Comment ID #2222 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yes azmie, it’s finger licking good ๐Ÿ˜€

    [Comment ID #2223 Will Be Quoted Here]

    no problem vinchern, glad I could help ๐Ÿ™‚

    About YUI latest PV, I’m not sure when but I’m will make sure to be the first to grab it ๐Ÿ˜€

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    eh how come you already watched the last episod? I thought the translation is up till eps 4 only. RAW + SRT issit?

  4. [Comment ID #2227 Will Be Quoted Here]

    duh tak sedap takyah la komen, aku debik jugak kang budak ni.

    p/s – kat site a.k mp3 ler.. ni vids.

  5. [Comment ID #2221 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ending PV? yg lagu by K tajuk Only Human tu ke? wahh klo dah ade infrom eh.. PV tu je aku tgh cari skang.. yg lagu koir klas derang tu aku dh ade.. ekeke.. suka tigaยฒ lagu die.. mmg beshh…

    [Comment ID #2227 Will Be Quoted Here]

    tu r… aku nye blog mp3 je r… xmampu nk boh PV.. takut bossh mare maaa.. ahahaa..

  6. btw, cite tu.. aku donlod mmg dh siap ade subtitle je.. tu psl bleh tgk smpi abes… hua hua huaa.. syahduuu…

  7. winter, what software do you use to cut a video becomes image?
    just wonder what do you use to put the pv image…lol

  8. [Comment ID #2230 Will Be Quoted Here]

    uih yeke? ko donload dari d-addict ke?

    [Comment ID #2231 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i use MPC and pause the PV, then File > Save Screenshot

    [Comment ID #2232 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ah.. no wonder lar.. going to download the raw later.. huhu. can’t wait for the fansub to finish this series..

  9. โ€œeh how come you already watched the last episod? I thought the translation is up till eps 4 only. RAW SRT issit?โ€

    where do you get the ssa? emule?
    btw, can you upload the srt?
    ok tq

  10. ops, soz, actually not srt. It’s from Kioku-Fansubs. Tried searching for the file on their website but it’s gone ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    dunno where my friend downloaded it from.

  11. yo…find it…
    here [link]
    u know why it become mistery…?

    read it…it is because kioku took PB project
    ok, grab the files now, since they still seed it

  12. haah… donlod kat kioku-fansubs… aku pn xtau mane derang dpt donlod dr kioku-funsubs ni sbb aku donlod dr intranet uniten ni je.. wakakkaa… :d/

  13. eh…actually I have post the answer for 1 litre of tears…:o:o
    dunno why it seems didnt display it…:o
    Ok, I will post it again here.

    Actually, koiku had finished all of 1 litre of tears…
    when PB just released the 1st ep….
    koiku suddenly released the 2nd one…
    It makes PB and the fans angry…u guys can read it at d-addicts for more infomation…
    so, koiku decided not to upload the torrent at d-addicts…
    however, you guys still can find it at http://mullemeck.serveftp.org/jps_beta/?page=browse

    now, got it…it is not mystery unsolved
    Saya pertaruhkan nama kakek saya —>kindaichi always says:)>-

  14. [Comment ID #2249 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Lol.. tape dah ade solution

    [Comment ID #2252 Will Be Quoted Here]

    thanks vinchern for the solution ๐Ÿ™‚

    p/s – did you mean “kakak” (sister) or?? ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. lol
    it is grandpa
    IN kindaichi comic (indonesian ver), he always says like that
    He uses his grandpa’s name to bet…lol

  16. eh…what is in malay?? curious!!:-w:-w

    O yeah, I remake YUI-tokyo…
    I make it karaoke version…
    So, that I have 2 karaoke song…
    After alot, I will burn it to disc….
    then all jap-karaoke song…
    then I can singgggggg

  17. [Comment ID #2259 Will Be Quoted Here]

    In malay is atuk/datuk or something like that.

    About your earlier comment, it was automaticly detected as spam since you paste a lot of URL there..lol.. sorry about that, I’ve fixed it ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. this movie is so sad that it made me feel so sad whenever I watch it. it really can make people feel different.

  19. i agree! ive only just watched episose 3 on shoutcastTV, is there anywhere i could get hold of the rest of the series? i really wanna watch it!

  20. if anyone know where to buy it (with text, i dont understand enything they say ๐Ÿ™ )
    it would be nice.

  21. sedeh arr citer 1 litre of tears weiii , kenape DIE … KENAPE !!!!! , dah lagu dier pulak masyuk :(( :((

  22. citer ni…sedih siot…member aku sumer tangkap nangis…:((:((…aku pun nyaris2….waaaaaa…..sedih kow2 nyer….aku ras ecam nak masuk jer dalam drama tu…woi korang rase camner lak???

  23. anou minna-san, honto ni konnyaku ga suki da yo ne…:|
    hehe ^_^ minna-san wa chotto omoshiroi dessho. :))

    jaa ne. ki o tsukete ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. ahhh gomen. konnyaku te ichata! i wasn’t reading properly.. ^_^; i thought you said you liked konnyaku. gomen ne? demo hai “konayuki” wa ii dessho.:)>-

  25. Hello

    I tried to dl the PV+ karaokรฉ but it didn”t work will you reupload it please????

    Thank you in advance

  26. said tak punya selera tinggi, konayuki lagu yang romantis, hebat, penuh dengan haru, boku wa naki narimasta.

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