School Rumble Season 2.. wuuuu

School Rumble Season 2

They’re back! (tiru ayat azmie…wahhahah) anyway, here’s a little info about this amazing school comedy anime just in case you haven’t watched the first season.

Tsukamoto Tenma, a 2nd year high school girl in love. Although in love with her classmate Karasuma Ooji, she has been unable to convey her feelings so far.

Harima Kenji, a 2nd year high school delinquent in love. Although in love with his classmate Tsukamoto Tenma, he too was unable to convey his feelings.

Thinking that he was rejected by Tenma, Harima in a state of shock fled Japan. Now however, in a bid to resume the manga that he once put his heart and soul into and to once again confess his love for Tenma, Harima decides to return to Yagami High School!

shamelessly copied from WannabeFansubs Forum 😀

Download Season 2 Trailer

Torrent for EP 1 (WannabeFansubs)

Thanks Azmie for the head ups.. can’t believe I missed this one.. ahahha.


  1. erk.. ishk2… camane leh kua season 2 plak nieh..!! 😮 ni yg ako tak tahan ni.. kne donlod ni.. ishk2… thx 4 the donlod link :)>-

    p/s : jgn lpe utk boh ep ep yg seterusnye gak ek.. huhu~

  2. mmg ler…baru release dlm 2 minggu lepas kalu tak silap…patutnye ko kene tgk yg season lamer dier dulu…baru paham jln citer camner…

  3. perh…banyak episode upenyer…patut aku tak paham…adeh…kene donlt bebanyak tu…len kali laa aku layan…

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    download jer laaaa.. tak rugi wuuu

    [Comment ID #2395 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yeke, tapi aku rase season 2 lagi menarik since ade watak baru.. huhuhu

  5. :-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-“:-“:-“:-“:-“:-“:-“:-“:)>-:)>-:@):@):@):@):-t:-t:-h:-h:-h:-h(*)(*)(*)3:-o3:-o%-(%-(:-j:-j:-j#-o#-o=p~=p~>:)

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