AUP Violation: Copyright Infrigement on

Kindly be informed that your domain ‘’ has been found abuse the Copyright Infringement on the server. We hereby attached the screen shot of your domain for your references.Kindly remove the file in 24 hours or else we will take action to suspend this account without further notice. Due time for your removal will be 13 Nov 07, 6.30pm . If the media files that mention is belong to you, please provide us any necessary prove of documentation or explanation.

Your kind co-operation in this matter is highly appreciated. Please do contact us if you need further details.

As stated above, no more MP3 will be allowed under my domain. Sorry for the inconvenience~


  1. [Comment ID #136 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ololo.. bodo exabytes neh.

    [Comment ID #140 Will Be Quoted Here]

    sebab susah nak load pakai flash player tu.

    [Comment ID #141 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Haha.. dah plan nak pakai πŸ˜€

  2. [Comment ID #155 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Itu la, tapi sayang nak tuka host pulak. Lepas tu belum tentu host kat oversea takde policy macam host kat Malaysia jugak kan. Care paling senang zip kan je, tapi tak bole nak stream pulak.

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