Past 1 AM

Ai still kenot sleep la. Esok kerja. Tapi tak bole tido. Badan penat, tapi takleh nak tido. Why why whyyy~

Kadang2 rase macam menyampah pulak bile dah baring tapi mate terkebil2 tengok siling, tengok kipas pusing2. Pusing kanan tengok dinding, pusing kiri tengok lampu pc kelip2.


Invitation to Private Movie Screening

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greeting from Exabytes.

Thank you for your time to fill in the survey form in our website.

Congratulation! You have been selected to attend Exabytes private movie screening as below.

Movie Title: Alien Versus Predator 2
Date: 29 December 2007 (Saturday)
Showing Time: 3pm – 5pm
Venue: GSC at Pavilion Mall, Kuala Lumpur
You are entitled for ONE pack.

One pack is inclusive of 2 movie tickets, pop corn and drinks.

Please reply and confirm your attendance by 18 December 2007. Further instruction for movie ticket redemption will be notified upon your confirmation.

Thank you!

Sape nak ikut? 😛