Uih lame betul tak masuk blog sendiri. Tuka theme lagi, but I don’t have much free time to customize it yet. I’m quite busy lately, working day and night since I have a lot of debts financial commitment. Haha. Taknak sebut hutang, nanti dipress.

Ok sudah modify sikit, not much but I think this will do for now. The poor girl that was hanging on your right is Chiaki Minami, from the Minami-Ke anime series. Great series, a must watch for any anime-lovers out there. 😉

Next update

  1. Clean-up CSS and some PHP from this theme (I fucking hate widgets 😐 )
  2. Add some kind of shoutbox (maybe)
  3. Tune-up the comment section
  4. I forgot

I’m really stupid

Yeah I am. Sorry for that. Please will you forgive meeeeee.

New year resolution. 1680 x  1050. Hahaha. *wink*, saje nak cakap ade wide screen LCD courtesy of her Majesty Irma. Lame dah ade, baru nak citer.

Well anyway my new year resolution for this year is to work hard to get a better life for both of us and collect enough money (hopefully) so that we can be together under the same roof soon. Ceh ayat tatahan.