Web Designer

Seperti yang aku cakap dalam entry yang lepas, aku dah resign dari Malaysiakini.com. 2 minggu lepas, aku email resignation letter dekat CEO aku. Lepas lunch die tu dier ajak bincang sikit. So aku pun masuk la bilik meeting yang sejuk gile tu. So die tanye

“Why? Did I put too much pressure on you?” (with a smile)

“Not really sir, I just like doing web development stuff. My passion is there, I’m not really good in designing banners and advertising stuff.” – aku balas

So the short meeting end there, ade la die tanye lagi 2 3 soalan tapi aku tak brape ingat and he just wished me all the best (thanks Prem). I actually like working there, the environment, the staff, the flexible working hours (I usually arrived at 10.30AM, went home at about 7.30AM) and a whole lot of other stuff. Tak lame pun aku keje situ, 4 bulan je kot.

About the new job, aku dah lame keje dengan company ni. Even before aku join Malaysiakini lagi aku dah keje as a freelancer. The pay is quite good but I still need a decent job so that I can pay my car loan and bills and all. Sebab tu aku decide nak join Malaysiakini in the first place. Tu pun Wanie yang introduce dekat aku dekat kawan dier.

So nak dipendekan cerita, hujung bulan February lepas, company freelance aku tu offer kerja dengan dierang as a full time staff since die ade bukak branch dekat Malaysia ni. Die interview aku by phone and a few other candidates. Terkejut la jugak sebab dapat offer tu, die cakap mamat lagi sorang tu hebat design, tapi lack xhtml+css skill. And lagipun aku dah keje dengan dierang sebelum ni, so die decided untuk offer aku kerje tu. Alhamdulillah la aku dapat. Gaji same je dengan dekat Malaysiakini, tapi at least I can save a few hundreds on transport since I’ll be working from home. 2 kali seminggu je pegi office dier dekat PJ. Ok la kot.

Aku amik cuti semalam dengan hari ni. Saje nak rest sebab macam dah lame tak dapat rest yang lame. Sebelum ni siang malam aku kerja, sampai ke weekend. So esok aku start kerja dengan company baru ni. Tak sabar nak start, doing stuff you loved and getting pay for doing it, what more could I ask 😀

A new dawn

A new dawn for Malaysia

Photo courtesy of www.trekearth.com by David Astley

First of all, congrats to the opposition party for the big wins during the General Election 2008 yesterday. I’m surprised to see a few of the ‘big people’ in BN lost to the opposition candidate including Sammy and Sharizat (Yes Nurul!). Hahaha padan muke korang.

I actually just got back from work, had to stay back the whole night because of the election. Oh yea, I never wrote here before that I was working with Malaysiakini for the past couple of month as a Graphic and Web Designer and that explain why I’m so excited about this election results.

Anway said it will be a new dawn for Malaysia today, but it will also be a new dawn for me since yesterday was actually my last day working there. I’m starting a new phase of my career at a different company somewhere in PJ. I’m too tired to write now, maybe I’ll update this entry later.

See ya!