A new dawn

A new dawn for Malaysia

Photo courtesy of www.trekearth.com by David Astley

First of all, congrats to the opposition party for the big wins during the General Election 2008 yesterday. I’m surprised to see a few of the ‘big people’ in BN lost to the opposition candidate including Sammy and Sharizat (Yes Nurul!). Hahaha padan muke korang.

I actually just got back from work, had to stay back the whole night because of the election. Oh yea, I never wrote here before that I was working with Malaysiakini for the past couple of month as a Graphic and Web Designer and that explain why I’m so excited about this election results.

Anway said it will be a new dawn for Malaysia today, but it will also be a new dawn for me since yesterday was actually my last day working there. I’m starting a new phase of my career at a different company somewhere in PJ. I’m too tired to write now, maybe I’ll update this entry later.

See ya!


  • Mira says:

    Dunno what to say actually. I was totally speechless when they announced the result. Anyway, Malaysians have spoken up what they really want. I hope these changes would give Malaysia a better future.. Wait and see then..

  • winterwish says:

    Yea, tunggu and lihat je la. I’m pro opposition btw. Haha.

  • ejon says:

    ko dah register sbg pengundi ke lom.. hoho

  • winterwish says:

    ade banyak bende yang kita menyesal dalam hidup ni kan, tak sempat register adalah salah satunye dalam hidup aku.. huwaaaaaa

  • aman says:

    owh..patut aritue MalaysiaKini tumpang server hang..huhu

  • winterwish says:

    Yep, aku offer tumpang server sebab dah tau traffic memang tinggi gile. But in the end sejam je lepas tu down terus exabyte. Hahaha. Nasib baik ade 5 mirror.

  • gie says:

    tu la pasal…terkejut gak tgk..bangga pun ade..keh keh..hidup malaysia…

  • shadowX_19 says:

    aku pun no komen perkara ni.. tapi jgn ingat kuasa besar tu akan stay buat selama-lamanya n rakyat maybe nakkan perubahan. anyway ade jugak kebaikkan disebaliknya dan cume mengharap perubahan yg dtg tu adalah perubahan yg baik.

    btw… ko tak kenal aku ke dah…? alahai ko nih… aku dulu yg menumpang subdomain kat gie. dulu aku pakai sx-studio.com pastu pindah ke kakicyber.com n skrg ni ke harubiru.com. biasa a.. aku ni suke pindah randah 😀