Crimson Sky

Bagan Lalang

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Artist : Yoon Eunhye
Song : You’re Born to Be Loved (Dang Shin Eun Sarang)

I found this song the other day, it was one of the most played song in o2jam, at least thats what I think. Haha. I ripped the audio from a youtube video hence the low quality. Sorry about that, couldn’t find any other source.

It was really a great song, and one of my favorite too. Probably because this song reminds me about all the stuffs that happened to me for the last few years. The sweet memories that I won’t be able to forget, the pain and hardship that I’ve been through and all that stuff. You know the kind of song that motivate you to move forward.

Hari ni kene g CC kat Nilai tu, banyak pulak computer rosak. Terpaksa la jugak datang walaupun malas gile. Haha. Memula plan pagi tu nak pegi service kete, then my dad called. Die tanye nak datang kul bape, die nak pegi beli udang sesiap (Aku mintak mak aku masak sambal udang. Huhu). Pastu die cakap hari ni EON sume tutup. Haih, dah lebih 2k kete aku tu due nak service. Gile ape. Nak pegi service kedai biasa kang void pulak warranty. Tape la esok lusa mintak time out kejab ngan boss.

Berbalik pasal repair pc tadi, abis je petang tu aku singgah kejab kedai cuci kete. Lama sangat dah tak cuci baby aku sorang ni. Ni gamba rim dier, tu kaler gold tu bukan kaler betul. Tu namenye daki. Hahaha.

Baby Neo
(Sampai tuka kaler rim dah ni)

Siap cuci tu, dah agak senja la. Aku tetibe rase macam best pulak pegi pantai. So sesorang la drive pegi Bagan Lalang (around 20KM from there) since I wanna see the sunset. I’m just so attracted to the beauty of the setting sun. Haha. I really loved sunset, somehow it helps and keep me motivated.

Actually the other reason aku g Nilai is because my mom wanted to cook something spacial for my my birthday. So this year, sambut birthday 2 kali. Haha. First time in my life. It was nice having to eat together with family and close relatives. I rarely had the chances to do so. Dapat kad birthday jugak from my family. Sorry lupe nak amek gamba.

Happy Birthday
(My birthday cake, 2nd one actually. Tak sempat nak amek gamba the first one. The one Ima belikan. Gomen gomen. Hehe)

Alamakkkk!! Terlebih sudah, hahaha. Afundi STACY!. Nite nite guys.

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