Sudah tak suci

Wah sudah berjaya root my Winry. Probably the most scariest thing I’ve ever done on any gadgets that I owned. It’s not hard, just that although very small, there is always a chance where thing could go wrong and you ended up with a very expensive brick in your hand. Haha.

Took me 5 minutes to root and a whole 3 days trying out every Froyo roms out there. Huhu. I’m really glad that I joined the green robot army.

There’s so much apps that I want to install now since I can store them on the SD card instead of the phone memory which only have about 100MB free spaces.

Ok, enough about that. So..  there’s nothing much going on with ne now. Only that I felt like its been so long since I went out and hang around with my friends. Oit gaji cepat la masuk. Huhu. I wanna go karaoke laaa..

Okay mahu titon.

P/s – have to write in English since the keyboard spell checker is only in English. Suck that I had to add every malay/manglish words to the dictionary. Huhu.


  1. Wa wa bagus2.. sronok woo.. byk btol mende bole buat pakai android ni.

    perbuataan root tu bile kite menodai android tu kasi dier lagi hebat.. haha. tak la, basically macam jailbreak iphone. Bile kite root, dier bagi kite access utk replace ROM (or software) henphone tu.. so bole pakai custom ROM selain dari yang default HTC punye.

    tu salah satu benefit bile kite root.. byk lagi ar.. nah bace ni

    Have fun!

    p/s – rooting is risky.. so hati2 yea.

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