Panasonic Lumix LX5

Nak ni. Bole tak? Haha. I’m not much of a photographer, I don’t even owned any camera apart from my old dusty Canon EOS SLR film camera which I no longer used since it’s bloody expensive to proceess a film this days. (actually tatau pun mane pegi camera tu) Haha

The Panasonic Lumix LX5 is the replacement model for the ever so popular LX3 which I think is the perfect camera for me. The reasons being; I hate to carry huge DSLR around, and this does not cost a limb to buy one. Sure it doesn’t have all the DSLR premium features like interchangeable lenses but I can live with that.

Walaupun LX5 ni consider lagi murah dari DSLR, tapi actually it is still quite expensive. Even the old LX3 pun still around 1.4-1.5k per set. Yang ni might be around 2k. Worth it ke kalau nak beli? Time will tell I guess, kalau murah rezeki beli la kot one day. 🙂

Mari mari menabung.

Oh by the way, my hosting expire this month… Hosting + Road tax + Insurance + Raya, guess I might have to sell of one of my kidneys now to survive next month. 😀

Edit : actually I just checked, the LX5 cost around 1.8k and you could get one for under 1.6k from forummers. Haha. Ohh.. sungguh mengoda. 😥


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