Goodbye ServerFreak

Pindah hosting lagi yay. Nak renew dekat current hosting tapi mahal sangat (almost RM300++) so kite try pindah ke RockSoft pulak, so far so good. Cuma a bit slow. Maybe sebab tu murah kot. Ekeke. Ade promo RM280 untuk 3 tahun plus free .my domain.

Kedekut Addon Domain ServerFreak Ni. Huh


I’ve been using Xubuntu for the past few days on my trusty ThinkPad x230. It will be my web development and learning machine that I chuck around to keep me occupied and productive during my idle hours (not like I have tons of those).

Some Steam games seems to work fine on this tiny laptop, I guess that’s a bonus. The one that is not avialable for Linux, I can just use the stream the game from my main Desktop. Not bad at all.

Funny things.. sometimes I forgot I’m running Linux and try to download an .exe. Haha.